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21 Jan Content Marketing for Realtors

Helpful information, delivered via a range of content marketing programs, is an efficient method to provide methods and quality data to your customers, company or whether people -to-business (B2B) customers. They would like to purchase products that assist them and/or their businesses work efficiently and effectively. These clients do not wish you selling to them instantly – they would like to make educated buying decisions on the basis of the evaluation of the quality data which the marketer, you, give them.

Listed here are ten content-marketing programs you should use to teach potential prospects and clients relating to services and your products. These stations will help you in delivering methods to your target audience, who make purchasing decisions.

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Your email promotions should be in a definite, basic content that’s easily understandable. Ensure that your emails don’t contain annoying, annoying design. Additionally, make certain they offer appropriate, high-price data.


There is just a study a regular type of business communication. These company studies quantitative data and combine qualitative in a logical structure. They serve as essential business documents as you are able to use to supply upto-day, comprehensive information to potential consumer or a customer. Like emails, they have to be written.


Posts are educational and interesting papers that you simply fill your company website with regularly. You may also include your website and posts. Additionally, you are able to submit articles in industry publications you realize your visitors read. Moreover, you are able to deliver regular articles to potential prospects and clients to provide them information and information that helps them within their decision making concerning purchases.


A great whitepaper gives your visitors a brand new perspective concerning methods to their problems. They emphasize services and your goods within an intelligent way, concentrating on providing information, details, and so that show the potency of your goods and/or services.

An excellent white paper concentrating on clients’ needs gives credibility to your business as well as you. White papers are data files that reach people away from standard sales process.

Case Studies

With case studies, you are able to gather data and data through various sources. Including findings interviews, real things, and/or even the evaluation of archival data. You should use a mix of the various resources to produce an educational, useful example. Furthermore, you are able to contain quantitative information as is possible.

Essentially, it is just a brief, to-the-stage, simple tale having a realization that delivers an answer. A great example helps readers identify with the problem. They observe their condition in the history of the event study.

You attract the audience in to the example with details. The example then provides initial methods to assist the audience. Basically an information record, a helps people make decisions depending on quality information. It may help faster decision making.


When they believe that it is certainly advantageous to them and/or their business, people you wish to relate to will attend your function. Thus, a meeting you maintain must have a speaker who’s a a list expert on the subject additional business experts are thinking about.


Before you place a mobile call to know whom you are calling a company, as well as the problems they’re experiencing within their company. Contact like a follow up after delivering a written report, example, white paper or following the person has joined your event.

Direct Mail

Send relevant material. An easy one page direct-mail notice in an ordinary #10 cover works the most effective. Ensure the notice includes a brief and distinct present for information. The primary present of one’s direct-mail connection will include stories centered on reports, white papers.

The Downside

Utilize the above content-marketing programs properly. Allow them be your resources to teach others on why they’ll offer methods to their needs and what you’ve to provide. Convince specific clients with that the wish would be to assist them using their problems and issues which you conduct business.

Remember, your goal will be to teach originally, through the procedure, as well as in your concluding presentations. Continuing education can also be important in after-sales support, with info on product improvements, much more, and new methods for utilizing a solution.

In the event of enterprise-to-business (B2B) clients, convince them that the target is assisting informed purchasing decisions that transfer an organization forward. Convince them that you are not really a one-hit wonder – who progresses offers, and does not worry about the real requirements of the client.…

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14 Dec How to Find Good Concrete Contractors in Your Area for Real Estate

Although concrete jobs look the same and easily manageable they tend to differ in nature. There are various factors which affect the way these tasks are carried out and how they affect the end results. Naturally, you need the services of high quality concrete contractors who are experienced, skilled and supremely professional. You can use the following tips to find good concrete contractors in your area.

Ask for referrals

Referrals can be a good way to know about the best service providers. Ask your neighbors, colleagues and friends and know whether there is any dependable construction company that they would recommend. You can get information about any specific concrete contractor that you wish to go with. Similarly, you should also ask your contractors for referrals and get names of their previous clients you can get in touch with.

Check local hardware stores

You can also visit construction supply and hardware stores in your locality, and ask the staffs whether they know good concrete contractors in the area. There are numerous companies and private individuals which often put bulletin boards within these stores to advertise their services. You can ask about the rates, construction methods and other details to arrive at a decision.

Check online directories

You are also likely to get good results with an online directory which lists the names and contact details of contractors in the locality. You can also find links to the websites of the contractors where you can get an idea about the kind of work that they have handled earlier. It is a good way to know whether the agency has handled the type of work that you wish to get done.

Check local Yellow Pages

The listings in Yellow Pages for your locality are also a good way to find lots of Vancouver concrete contractors in your place. There is one problem with these listings, considering the fact that these service providers are completely unknown to you. But you can conduct online search with the names of specific providers and check customer reviews and feedbacks on social networking pages, web-based consumer forums as well as different product and service review websites out there.

Make search engine queries

One of the simplest ways to find good contractors in your area is to conduct local searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and find out official websites for contractors. Most agencies have websites these days, and you can check portfolios, client testimonials, types of services and other important details.…

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Apartment interior

06 Dec Knowing Your Local Market Pays

Having a good understanding of the real estate market in your area is very important when thinking about buying or selling a home.
We have found through the Vancouver Association of REALTORS® some great information designed to help buyers and sellers understand our local market. All of our Agents are experts in the Real Estate Market in Vancouver. We work to provide you all the information on our market for the month.

Sold Listings

  • It is good to understand how many houses have sold in our geographical area compared to past years in order to determine what the popularity in the area is.
  • Buying when the housing market is slower has some advantages:
  • Sellers will set lower prices
  • Sellers are more likely to accept offer that are less than their original asking price
  • Less competition with other buyers
  • These things will normally result in a great deal of savings for the buyer.
  • Contact Us and we will help you navigate the local market to get your dream home for the best possible price.

Average Sold Price Vs. Original List Price

Average Sold Price versus the Original List Price (OLP) will normally be lower the longer it takes to sell the home. Understanding how to price your home properly is important when selling your house, if your house is over-priced homes take longer to sell. Consult with a Real Estate Agent that is an expert in the local market, they will help you set a more realistic price for your market and can help you to sell your home faster so you get a better return. Contact Us and we will help you navigate the local market to get the best possible price for your home. View the graph below to view the Vancouver sales of existing homes and median prices.

Vancouver Sales of Existing Homes & Median Price

Days on market matter. It is the number of days a listing is active before an offer has been accepted by the seller. Many agents refer to “average days on market,” which is derived by adding all the days on market of each listing and dividing by the number of listings. In a buyer’s market, the DOM are generally higher because inventory takes longer to sell. In a seller’s market, the DOM are fewer. Consult with a Real Estate Agent that is an expert in the local market, they will help you set a more realistic price for your market and can help you to sell your home faster so you get a better return. Contact Us and we will help you navigate the local market to get the best possible price for your home.
Dollar Volume of Sales – Down 5% in 2011, and Up 3% in 2012…

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06 Dec Best Home for You and Your Family

If you have any questions or would like more information about anything please Contact Us. If you are planning on buying your next dream home visit our Home Buying page or if you are planning to sell your home visit our Home Selling page.

Thinking of a better home for you and your family? Families grow quick and before you know it you have a bunch of little children running around. If you’re rapidly running out of space, or if you’re planning on having a family, then up-sizing to a larger home could be your best bet. However, there are a lot of other things you’ll have to consider when moving your family from one place to another.

  • Discuss: Make sure you plan this out well-ahead of time so you know that you’re making the right decision. First, make sure that you have the resources to move, if you don’t, then you may have to save up before you can do so. Discuss to your spouse about the possibility of a move, and see what they have to say. Once you and your spouse have discussed it, then talk to your children. Your children should have a say in this decision, and reinforce the fact that a new home would be better for everyone.
  • Looking for the best home: When looking for a home, bring your children along with you. Hire the expertise and assistance of areal estate professional and check out a few homes. Ask your children what they like about the home, and ask them what room they would like best. If you don’t have children yet, carefully check out each room and try to imagine a family living in there.
  • Look outside the home: You’re going to have to take a look around not only inside the home, but also what surrounds it. First, check out the backyard and see if they it is child-safe and big enough for children to run around (remember, children like to play outside).
  •  Afterwards, take a stroll around the neighbourhood: Walk to the nearest park and check it out, and if there are parents already there, ask them how the neighbourhood is. As well, take a drive to the local schools, malls, grocery stores, community centre and parks, and take that all into account for your decision.
  • Using your real estate professional: Without a doubt, your real estate professional has sold homes to families before, so ask them what they think is the best home for you and your family. They can show you and teach you a lot more things than you know.
  • Keep up constant communication with your children: Even though some children would be excited to move into a new home, that doesn’t mean they fully understand why or feel good about leaving the only place they’ve known as home. Explain to your children, and reassure that the move is for the better.

Older children and teenagers may be a bit rebellious and angry because of a move, especially if they are leaving their close-knit social circles. Never fight with your child and understand their frustrations, and try to keep up communication as much as you can. This should be a fun and exciting family experience, not a stressful one.

After you have done all your research and made a decision, make sure everyone in your family is on board and start the packing. Remember, don’t forget to ask your real estate professional for help and advice, that’s what they are there for.…

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