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So, I had to do it, I had to break up with him

. We had this great date lined up at our favorite Raleigh Spa  but, I just couldn’t do it, not even for one more date. It’s a funny situation, when you get to that place that you can’t even do one more date. Before and after every other day you keep telling yourself that you can put up with it and get through it, and that it’s just a phase period but, as the weeks and eventually months passed by, you start to realize that it’s not just a face and that the chemistry has gone askew period that’s something, even if you don’t exactly know what it is, has fallen out of line and refuses to go back in place. So, you ask yourself, if it’s worth hanging on and working through this phase, or if you should just let go. He seemed to like me so much, and we invested so much in each other already, even though it might have been in a relatively fast time or short time— all the sudden when things weren’t going so well, I just got up and left. I had to leave. We didn’t even get into the car to go on our date, I couldn’t even make it that far. I had just become so consumed, almost paralyzed with this this internal pain and struggle and argument with myself. There was no way that he and I were going to move forward in our relationship until I could reconcile whatever had been lost Within Me. Anyway, he didn’t take it very well. He knew that things have been tough, but they still seem to come way out of the blue. It was like he had no idea that it was even a possibility that we would break up, even though we haven’t actually been together for you know, years or anything like that, but we just decided that it was going to be this way. And then I had enough of it. So, we missed our day at the  spa. It’s kind of ironic, because we’d actually missed spa days before, but this time there was no promise of making it up. So, that’s that. Another one bites the dust. I hate to say that I’m getting used to it, but the drama has settled and become far less wild than it was in previous relationships, and part of that is just getting used to breaking up as an essential ingredient in life.

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