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Mistakes to avoid when buying a power lift chair recliner



If you are searching for the power lift recliner chairs, then there are a few important things you must put into consideration. The power lift recliners are inexpensive for what they do, but the variety of options available can often confuse you in regard to which one may suit you the best. If you are buying this chair for medical purposes especially, avoid making these following mistakes:

The number of positions:

This is the first and the most important feature that you must consider. The power lift recliner chairs come in two to three positions generally, while a number of positions are available in some. The infinite position models mostly feature two motors that allow you to operate the backrest independently and footrest independently. For people who want to sit upright, with the footrest, a little raised up would love this option. The 3 and 2 position chair requires of the backrest to be reclined for the footrest to rise as they operate on a single motor. The 3 position chair only differs in terms of the angle of recline.

Body size:

This is, of course, an important mistake you must avoid. It is imperative that the chair is larger than your size. For medical purposes and comfort both, the larger and the deeper the cushion, the better. Select a chair that prevents your legs from touching the floor when you sit up. A model that is too small for your lower back support is probably no what you are looking for.


Leather seems attractive. But would it suit you in all weather conditions? When purchasing an indoor element, always consider the weather conditions in which you live. Leather would cause you to sweat a lot in summer. It is not the best material at a high cost if it fails to give you comfort.

Living Area:

Is the space you have enough to accommodate the chair? Are you going to be placing it against the wall or in the middle of the room? There are wall-saver models. So if you are planning to put it against the wall, may as well see the models designed for that purpose. Placing a recliner that was designed to be placed comfortably within the other furniture against the wall would just ruin its feel. Also, standard models of recliner chairs can slide backward and out which could be an issue in tight areas.



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App store optimization tools to increase downloads

App store optimization tools to increase downloads

ASO and downloads

App store optimization is very important in bringing your app in front of people but surprisingly it is also the one which is not given much attention. ASO can give your app the required push as far as finding your app is concerned which further leads to downloads. Here we will discuss about the ASO tools which are helpful in increasing downloads.


This is a popular ASO tool which helps to study your app keyword before it is likely to be launched. It will let you know about the keywords used by your audience. This ASO tool also helps to identify your competitors which you have missed recently.


This ASO tool helps   a great deal to know about your competitors, check keywords, and also free your promo codes in an effective manner. This tool is the creation of indie developers whose financial condition was not good enough to invest in PR or other marketing which is paid in order to promote their iOS apps. After this they focussed on the place where their apps ranked when users searched for keywords that were related to their apps.

They got to know that their apps had no ranking which led to the owners creating this ASO tool which has helped their apps to get visibility and response.

App Annie

This is also a fantastic ASO tool that helps you from market data analysis of data to app store optimization. In the past few years App Annie has seen great progress and built a platform which offers many tools. Store Stats is one of the tools with the help of which you can monitor your competitors by placements, search keywords and through ranking history. That is  not all as Store Stats pro can help you track the downloads and revenue of your competitor.

In addition you also get store analytics app by which you can analyze the sale data if your app store.…

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Benefits of Love Images in Your Device

Benefits of Love Images in Your Device


The most charming images in the world are the love images that always remind us of the days of love. Love is a sacred sentiment that gives us a direction. Everyone in this world loves something. Some love their children, some love their girl friends, some love their parents, some love God, some love their pets, some love to sing, some love to play and many more. It means that love is all around us. God also loves His creature. This love is expressed in different forms and one of these forms is the love images.…

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