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Background of lighting design

Light design is an architectural field within interior design, electrical engineering and architectural that deals with the light designing system. This includes everything from natural light, electric light or the both, which are Ernst to serve human desires.

The designing condition needed to take into account

  • The activities of which the lighting will be used for
  • The quantity of lights required
  • The colour of the light that will suit the viewing of objects and the particular purpose of the use.
  • There must be proper distribution of the light within the used, be it indoor or an outside event.
  • The effect of the lighting system on the users or the people in the environment

The human response to light is the reason for design verlichting. It must be seen without discomfort. Lighting designers are specialists who must understand the science behind the production of light and also its distribution, the psychology, and physiology of the perception of light by human beings.


The discovery of fire was the earliest form of artificial lighting used to give light to an area by campfire or touches. Fire was kindled in caves of the Peking man. Lamps were also used to illuminate the environment, and these lamps were made from natural occurring materials such as rocks, stones when filled with grease and fibre wicks.

Over time gas lighting was cheap enough to power streets in the main cities in the 1800s and also used in building and the home of wealth.

Terms used in the design verlichting

  • Recessed light: this is a protective house which is hidden behind the ceiling or wall. Which leaves the fixture to be seen. The one mounted on the roof is called down light.
  • “Cans” with different lamps: jargon for less expensive down lighting materials that inserted into the ceiling or sometimes for up lights places like the floor. Thee name comes from the shape of the container.
  • Cove light: recessed into the ceiling inside a long box against the wall
  • Troffer: Recessed fluorescent light fittings, which is rectangular in shape in other to fit into a drop ceiling grid
  • Pendant light: this suspended from the roof using a chain
  • Surface mounted lights: the finished house is exposed, and it is not flush mount with a surface
  • Sconce provides up and down lights, used in the illumination of artwork.

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