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Compatible Headsets for Cisco IP Phones

The latest Cisco Certified Headsets can be used with your Cisco IP phone. There are many models to choose from. Starting from $80 for the entry level corded headset all the way up to $400 wireless if you want the absolute best money can buy.


These Cisco headsets are easy to use and the installation also very simple. All you need to do is to connect the Cisco IP Phone headset to your phone’s RJ-9 Headset Jack. You don’t need anything else or modify any settings. These Cisco Certified Headsets are designed with proprietary for quick disconnection that allows you to quickly disconnect your Cisco headset from its base and walk way. Some Cisco IP phone wireless headsets have multipurpose functions that allow you to use them with your mobile Bluetooth compatible phone as well as with your Cisco IP desk phone. The latest Cisco headset also features Cisco Headset Hook switch Control EHS that transforms your unified IP phone experience by expanding the advantage of Plantronics experts in wireless headset systems.


With the Cisco Wireless Headset EHS adapter,  it allows remote alerts and answer calls on your headset even you are 350 feet away from your phone. Give you the mobility you need while you are in your office. With this kind of headset, you definitely won’t have missed important calls from your family, clients and customers. The new Plantronics Cisco Headsets include CS540, CS510, CS530, CS520 using the new DECT 6.0 technology.


Cisco IP phone headset feature a noise-canceling microphone where you can block most of the noise coming from your background, like co-workers talking, you typing in the keyboard and even lawn mower from the outside. Some models can also cover both ears (binaural) to help you focus on the phone call if your office is extremely noisy. Here are some popular Cisco headsets:


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