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Photo editing app wonders

Regarding the angst toward those who choose to use Photo filter technology from professionals: you can’t just complain about this camera filter or that editing app for this great smartphone’s camera, you have to take your destiny into your own hands. If you spend $20,000 on equipment, you put that to use, and put that energy that you have been putting into complaining about the rise of amateur Photography, in both quality and quantity, and you move in a productive Direction. Now, I don’t mean to sound so authoritative, but this really bothers me when people complain about this stuff. In my opinion, you have to be coming from such a place of privilege to be complaining that other people are starting to get good at what you’re good at, rather than using that to get better. What, do you think that people should stop making camera filter apps or do you think that people should stop getting good cameras on their phone? Or are you going to do something out of it. Are you in a make something out of a situation that very well could be frightening and threatening to a professional, specifically one that could be 18 or something— like that I’m not trying to say that I don’t sympathize. I’m just saying that you are in the best position to Excel and continue to excel, because you’ve already showed the capacity to do so, and now you have the resources at your disposal, but instead people just become set in their ways, and assume that whatever they decide to produce, even if it’s not well thought-out or energized, we’ll be good enough. Unfortunately, not today. Today, when it comes to photography, the fact that people can download camera filter apps and the fact that their phones have cameras that have almost as much resolution as a DSLR from a couple years ago, makes for something pretty compelling.

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